Schools by Address

Homes in Las Cruces are zoned for particular elementary, middle, and high schools.  The school information for each home can easily be determined from the Las Cruces Public Schools website.  The search results will also include the location of the bus stop, distance from the house to the bus stop, bus number, route number, and arrival times at school and back home.

To find the schools zoned for a particular home, you will need the following:

  • street address of home(s)
  • grade of attendance

To find the zoned schools, do the following:

  1. Read all steps first – then do it!
  2. Go to the Las Cruces Public Schools Website Transportation Page.
  3. Click on ‘School Information and Bus Locator’ button.  NOTE:  You can also view the boundary maps for the elementary, middle, and high schools from this page.
  4. Enter the grade of attendance and street address as indicated.
  5. Click ‘Find School/Transportation’ button.  The results will display.

Sample Results:

TIP:  If being zoned in a particular school district is important to you, check & double check the zoned schooling BEFORE making an offer to purchase on a home.

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