Estimating Property Taxes

Property Taxes make up the ‘T’ in PITI – Principal – Interest – Taxes – Insurance which generally refers to your monthly payment.  While Principal and Interest typically remain at a fixed rate throughout the term of your loan, if you have a fixed rate mortgage, Taxes and Insurance are subject to change.

To estimate taxes on a specific home for the coming year, you will need the following:

  • street address
  • list price of the home

To estimate the property taxes, do the following:

  1. Go to the EagleWeb page on the Dona Ana County Assessor’s website.
  2. Click on ‘Enter EagleWeb’.
  3. In the ‘Situs Address’ section, enter the House Number and Street Name.  (Note:  for ‘Street Name’, don’t enter the street type.  For example, if the address is 123 Main Street, enter ‘123’ for the House Number and ‘Main’ for Street Name)
  4. Click ‘Search’. The results will display.
  5. Click on the address you are searching.  The property record for the address will display.
  6. In the left column, click on “Estimate Taxes”.
  7. Enter the List Price of the home and click on ‘Estimate Taxes’.  The estimated taxes will display.
  8. You have the option to print the estimate by clicking on ‘Print Tax Estimate’.

If you took the time to arrange financing with a lender prior to looking at homes, send your lender a copy of the estimate.  Your lender can then provide you updated payment information.

NOTE:  The estimate provided on the Dona Ana County Assessor’s website does not include decuctions given to Veterans and Head of Household.  Those that qualify for either or both of these deductions can reduce their property tax bill.

TIP:  Keep a link to the Property Tax Estimate with you when you are out looking at homes so you can get a quick estimate of the taxes on the homes you are interested in.  A signed copy of the Tax Estimate from the results above is typically signed by the buyer and goes with the offer.

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